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Climate, Modelling, and Data Analysis

Remote Sensing & GIS

The research goal of this section is to advance understanding of the Earth system sciences using Earth observation methods. Our research focuses primarily on complex and interrelated geologic and environmental problems using field-based data, satellite remote sensing techniques, and numerical models. We use advanced remote sensing technology that can measure temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, evapotranspiration etc. with high temporal and spatial resolutions. We achieve this by combining fundamental and applied research in the domain of remote sensing. Although our focus is on ground based, airborne and spaceborne remote sensing, we contribute at national and international levels to the conceptual development of Water Resources as an interdisciplinary science. Our research is primarily focused on arid to semi-arid environments or within data-sparse environments (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait etc.).


Our focus is on developing and applying remote sensing methods to better understand the global change related to water resources systems. We map parameters relevant for water resources that are spatially distributed and may show significant temporal variability. Earth Observation (EO) data, when used jointly with in situ data, can make an essential contribution for the creation of inventories of surface water resources, the extraction of thematic maps relevant for hydrogeological studies and models (land cover, surface geology, lineaments, geomorphology...) or for the retrieval of (bio)geophysical parameters (water quality and temperature, soil moisture...); mapping of water and environmental features; watersheds, streams and aquifers delineation; soil and land use mapping.

Available Software


IT section of CEW is responsible for creating programs that are specific to the needs of CEW client-funded and in house projects which among others includes GIS based desktop and web applications, computational tools and other web and desktop applications.

IT section is also responsible for creating the CEW Website and social media accounts.

Besides, IT section is involved in the design and development of various databases for client-funded and in house projects.

Technical Support

The IT department in CEW provides support to computer users of CEW. This includes installing new software, repairing hardware problems, installing new hardware, troubleshooting problems and training employees how to use new software programs. IT Section provides first level of IT help desk in CEW to assist employees with computer-related issues, the second being the organizational i.e., KFUPM.


IT section of CEW is the first point of contact for installing and setting up the computer network, the second point of contact is the organizational IT department(KFUPM ICTC). IT section works in this capacity to ensure that the network is operating properly and that all employees have the ability to communicate through the internet and KFUPM intranet. Professional IT staff of CEW keep the systems secure and troubleshoot the systems in the event of any problem.