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Logistic Team

Logistic team comprising of people with different subject specialization plays - predominantly a facilitator role. Through their support service, they enable field work in time. By making timely arrangements, the team helps the researchers for field trips. The mandate of the logistic team is to provide support to all types of field visits involving terrestrial, coastal and marine environments. Logistic team also takes care of different types permits required for the vehicles, instruments besides ID cards for the researchers. For successful completion of field work, favourable environmental conditions are required. For field work involving diving, suitable wind and tidal conditions are required. For collection of seawater and sediment samples, deployment of specific instruments is needed. The logistic team schedules field visits under fair weather conditions.

Logistic team keeps track of the climate and weather conditions and provides updates to researchers for avoiding difficulties in the field and to have successful field trips besides completion of work as scheduled. The field work in the marine and desert is always challenging, because of the environmental issues. The logistic team in order to avoid any eventuality during challenging times, ensures that the vehicles and boats are functioning well and researchers are able to continue their work without any hindrance.


  • Arrangement of different official permits for vehicles, instruments and researchers
  • Maintenance of vehicles/ boats insurance
  • Renewals of old permits
  • Scheduling field work based on availability of team members


  • Provide support of 4x4 cars for terrestrial team
  • Provide support of boat to marine survey
Boat in Marine survey
4X4 cars for Terrestrial Survey