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Water Section - Laboratory Capabilities

Water Resources Laboratory

This laboratory provides instructional, applied and theoretical research facilities in the fields of water resources, hydrology, hydrogeology and hydraulics. Research investigations are carried out on water supply systems, irrigation systems, optimization in water resources, hazard risk assessment, groundwater modeling, GIS, RS, and hydrometeorology integration with hydrological models, soft computing systems in water resources management etc. A computer laboratory with high capability PCs is available. Both commercial and non-commercial hydrological, hydrogeological and hydraulic models are available.

Available Software

Desalination and Water Treatment Laboratory

The major equipment in the desalination laboratory are the membrane filtration setups specifically designed and developed for the performance evaluation of membranes used in water purification. The main output parameters determined are the permeate water flux and % solute rejection of the membranes. This setup can be utilized for different types of membranes (RO, NF, UF, etc.), variety of feedwater (pretreated seawater, synthetic salt solutions, foulant solutions, etc.) and different operation conditions (pressure, temperature and flowrate). A contact angle goniometer is also available for measuring the surface wettability of membranes before and after filtration testing. The laboratory is in the process of acquiring more advanced filtration setups and characterization equipment.